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Good Evening,

Speaking on Behalf of TVEA Tonight…

You are well aware that last month TVEA conducted a vote in regard to a Tentative Agreement focused on Compensation and Benefits for 2016-17. Yet, you may not be aware that in May we conducted our first electronic voting for TVEA Executive Board Elections. The seven people elected in May are serving a two-year term effective July 1 2016 to June 30 2018.

I am not sure they all are aware they are technically “on the clock” as we gather here in mid -July yet I do want the board and district to be familiar with our personnel who steer TVEA.

First, newly elected to the TVEA Executive Board:

-Liz Cooke, Counselor at Chaparral High will represent “Position Specialists” We now have a representative on our executive board for Special Ed, LCAP, School Psych’s, SLP’s, Nurses, and Counselors

-Alan Underwood, previously Music Director and Chaparral (and on his way to Vail Ranch Middle School) will be one of our three CTA State Council Representatives

-Mike Wassan, Math /Electives teacher at Gardner Middle is our newly elected Treasurer

-Melissa Young, Kindergarten teacher at Pauba Valley is our new Elementary Area Representative.

Re-elected for another term are:

-Amy Eytchison, 3rd grade teacher at Temecula Elementary will serve another term as Secretary

-Edgar Diaz, 8th grade Social Science teacher at Gardner Middle will have an expanded role as Vice-President as he steps aside from his duties as Bargaining Chair after nearly a decade in that role.

- And… Yours truly will continue to serve as TVEA’s President

The other item I wanted to touch on tonight is to applaud the work of the TVEA and TVUSD Joint Ad Hoc Budget Committee.

TVEA brought the concept of this type of budget committee forward to promote clarity and transparency between the two parties. This “best practices” model has been effective in our neighboring district of Murrieta and proved to be effective right out of the gate for TVUSD and TVEA.

I would like to thank the district and board for adding this component to the contract as well as the entire TVUSD Ad Hoc team under the direction of Nicole Lash for their collaborative efforts.

As TVEA President, I am pleased and proud of the commitment and hard work of our Ad Hoc Team which includes three of our Bargaining team members:

Brian Balaris, Edgar Diaz, and Lowena Manzano as well as two new contributors to TVEA in this sphere: Chris Meglio from Great Oak High School and Mark Mitchell from Vail Ranch Middle School.

Thank you

We at TVEA look forward to the Ad Hoc Budget Committee continuing to flourish as an effective tool.

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