TVEA Elections Committee 

The Elections Committees ensures the election process is conducted in a manner that voters and candidates alike can be assured that reasonable rules of ethical conduct and procedures have been adopted, and are followed both in spirit and practice. They oversee the entire elections process from announcing elections through the announcement of election results.


The elections committee has a chair and members who are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Executive Board at the beginning of each year.  Executive Board members are not permitted to serve on the Elections Committee, per CTA guidelines.

The vested elections committee members are solely responsible for the counting and reporting of votes and results.  Other members may volunteer to prepare election materials.  TVEA is pleased to have an elections committee filled to capacity and representation from all instructional levels.


Tentative Agreement Passes

TVEA is happy to announce the results of the Tentative Agreement vote.


847 Total Ballots Cast

0 Blank Ballots

40 Illegal Ballots

807 Legal Ballots Cast

404 Votes need to Pass


786 Yes Votes

21 No Votes


The Tentative Agreement passed with an 97% Yes Vote.


Tentative Agreement has been reached

Voting will occur at the sites using the same double envelope method used for Executive Board elections last month.  The voting dates are Friday May 22, Tuesday May 26th and Wednesday May 27th.  Ballots are due to the TVEA office no later than 4:30 pm on Wednesday May 27th for processing by the TVEA Elections Committee. 

For more details regarding the Tentative Agreement please visit the Bargaining Committee Page

TVEA Executive Board Election Results

Congratulations to our elected Executive Board Officers

Second Vice President - Rob Clause

Treasurer - Chad Yates

Elementary Area Representative - Tammy Iverson

High School Area Representative - Raul Miranda


VP Election Results               

575    Total Ballots Cast

38      Blank Ballots

39      Illegal Ballots

498    Legal Ballots Cast

250    Votes need to  Elect

491    Votes Received  - Rob Clause

7        Write In Candidates


Treasurer  Election Results               

575   Total Ballots Cast

44     Blank Ballots

39     Illegal Ballots

492   Legal Ballots Cast

247   Votes need to  Elect

307   Votes Received  - Chad Yates

184   Votes Received  - David Coram

1       Write In Candidate


Elementary Area Rep  Election Results               

334   Total Ballots Cast

1       Blank Ballots

15     Illegal Ballots

318   Legal Ballots Cast

160  Votes need to  Elect

176   Votes Received  - Tammy Iverson

141   Votes Received  - Melissa Young

1        Write In Candidate


High School Area Rep  Election Results               

119    Total Ballots Cast

63       Blank Ballots

8         Illegal Ballots

48       Legal Ballots Cast

25       Votes need to  Elect

31       Write In Votes Received  - Raul Miranda

17       Additional Write In Candidates


CTA State Delegate Elections for the NEA RA 

Three TVEA members have declared as CTA State Delegates for the NEA Representative Assembly in Orlando, FL June 30-July 7.  You received an invitation by US Mail last week to vote on-line using a provided code.  Three TVEA members are on the ballot:  Mitchell Brown, David Cook, and Alan Underwood.  Let’s give TVEA a voice at the national convention in Orlando!  Voting must be completed by Friday March 13th @ 5pm.


CTA Local Delegate - David Cook 

Congratulations to David Cook who was recently elected the TVEA Local Delegate for the NEA RA. He will be the voice for TVEA at the National Convention this summer. 

Commitee Members


Alan Underwood, CHS - Chair

Cheryl Bryant, TTES
Karie Shorack, VHES                     Theresa Thompson, PVES
Judy Stickel, MMS

Jennifer Mohr, CHS  
Peggy Dixon, SNHS 

Election Timelines


August 10
Announcement of Election

August 17
Declaration of Candidacy forms due by 5pm

August 18
Announce Candidates

August 18-24
Candidates may Campaign

August 21, 24
Balllots Distributed

August 25-27
Voting at sites

August 27
Ballots due and Counted

August 28
Election Results Posted

Septeber 8-10
Run Off Election if Necessary*

September 21
Last day to contest Election results*


2010 - present

2010 - present

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