TVEA Elections Committee 

The Elections Committees ensures the election process is conducted in a manner that voters and candidates alike can be assured that reasonable rules of ethical conduct and procedures have been adopted, and are followed both in spirit and practice. They oversee the entire elections process from announcing elections through the announcement of election results.


The elections committee has a chair and members who are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Executive Board at the beginning of each year.  Executive Board members are not permitted to serve on the Elections Committee, per CTA guidelines.

The vested elections committee members are solely responsible for the counting and reporting of votes and results.  Other members may volunteer to prepare election materials.  TVEA is pleased to have an elections committee filled to capacity and representation from all instructional levels.


Executive Board Elections

TVEA Executive Board & State Council Election Results

Congratulations to our elected Executive Board Officers & State Council Representative

President – Jeff Kingsberg
Vice President – Edgar Diaz
Secretary – Amy Eytchison

Treasurer – Mike Wassan

Elementary Area Representative – Melissa Young

Position Specialist Area Representative – Liz Cooke
State Council – Alan Underwood


President Election Results               

237    Total Ballots Cast

0        Blank Ballots

3        Illegal Ballots

234    Legal Ballots Cast

118    Votes need to Elect

231    Votes Received - Jeff Kingsberg

3        Write In Candidates


VP Election Results               

237   Total Ballots Cast

0        Blank Ballots

2        Illegal Ballots

235   Legal Ballots Cast

118    Votes need to Elect

232    Votes Received - Edgar Diaz

3        Write In Candidates


Secretary Election Results               

237   Total Ballots Cast

0       Blank Ballots

0       Illegal Ballots

236       Legal Ballots Cast

119   Votes need to Elect

236   Votes Received - Amy Eytchison

0       Write In Candidate


Treasurer  Election Results               

237   Total Ballots Cast

0       Blank Ballots

2       Illegal Ballots

235   Legal Ballots Cast

118   Votes need to Elect

233   Votes Received  - Mike Wassan

2       Write In Candidate


Elementary Area Rep Election Results               

115   Total Ballots Cast

0       Blank Ballots

2       Illegal Ballots

113   Legal Ballots Cast

57     Votes need to Elect

113   Votes Received  - Melissa Young

0        Write In Candidate


Position Specialist Area Rep Election Results               

50      Total Ballots Cast

0         Blank Ballots

0         Illegal Ballots

50       Legal Ballots Cast

26       Votes need to Elect

49       Votes Received  - Liz Cooke

1         Write In Candidates


State Council Election Results               

237   Total Ballots Cast

0       Blank Ballots

2       Illegal Ballots

235   Legal Ballots Cast

118   Votes need to Elect

234   Votes Received - Alan Underwood

1       Write In Candidate

Election Timeline
March 10 Announcement of Election
March 18 Declaration of Candidacy deadline, due no later than 5pm at
the TVEA Office (Postmarked date not accepted).
April 4-20 Candidate campaigning.
April 15 Announcement of Election for Treasurer
April 22 Declaration of Candidacy for Treasure, due no later than 5pm atthe TVEA Office (Postmarked date not accepted).
April 4 Announce Candidates
April 25 Annunce Candidates for Treasurer
April 25-29 Treasurer  Campaigning
May 2- 6 Online Voting
May 6 Election Committee verifies online ballots and counts paper ballots. All candidates notified by phone of election results.
May 9 Results Announced. Site Leaders post election results at site

Note: The following timelines apply on an as needed basis:
May 16 Last day to contest election results.
May 16-20 Online Voting in case of run-off election.
May 20 Voting results tabulated
May 21 Site Leaders post run-off election results at site
May 31 Last day to contest run-off election results.
Commitee Members


Karie Shorack, VHES,Chair
Judy Stickel, MMS

Nancy Young, CHS

Contact your Elections Committee at 

Election Documents


TVEA Election Bylaws

CTA Requirements for Chapter Election Procedures for TVEA Elections


Election Rules



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2010 - present

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